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What is DirecPay IVRS?
It is an Interactive Voice Response System that is built to request a credit card number from the user at a specific point in the call flow and allows you to charge his credit card for the current transaction which is being processed.
What are the different pay modes a merchant can accept through DirecPay IVRS?
The merchant can accept payments made through:
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
Why Choose DirecPay IVRS?
DirecPay IVRS provides value, convenience, transparency and most importantly security to all its merchants. Our payment gateway services are cost-effective, cover a wide range of payment acceptance modes and rest on a robust technology platform.
Is the DirecPay IVRS a Secure Payment Gateway?
Yes, DirecPay IVRS is one of the most secure payment gateway services. It uses industry standard SSL Technology (Secure Sockets Layer), a technology that is used worldwide for secure data encryption. DirecPay IVRS also has PCI-DSS certification.
We have employed OTP based transaction authorization as mandated by RBI. As well the call flow is designed in such a manner that the call center agent is NOT able to understand the credit card details being punched on telephone keypad by the transacting customer.
Apart from all this, DirecPay IVRS has stringent in-house compliance and risk management procedures that are followed with diligence. These procedures help in preventing chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. Our practices also help in verifying the authenticity of a merchant, adhering to RBI's KYC norms.
Who can use DirecPay IVRS?
Merchants who have in-house call center facility OR have outsourced call center partner can use DirecPay IVRS.
What are the Business Categories that cannot be supported by DirecPay IVRS?
There are certain business categories, which are not supported by DirecPay IVRS. Click here to see the complete list of merchants who cannot avail of DirecPay IVRS payment gateway services.
Can merchants who do not have a website (offline merchants) use DirecPay IVRS?
Yes. DirecPay IVRS payment gateway is independent of merchant website and indeed is perfect for such merchants who do not have a website.
How does a merchant sign up for DirecPay payment gateway?
In order to sign up as a DirecPay IVRS merchant, you need to register with us. After registering with us, our representative will get in touch with you to explain the entire process of registration. You can also contact us directly on: 91 9619712858 or write us at: contact@direcpay.com

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If you are looking at expanding your business on the Internet and wish to reach out to as many customers as possible, DirecPay is the right solution for you.
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DirecPay is an integrated online payment gateway solution for Indian merchants. With the availability of solutions such as DirecPay's payment gateway, India has become a huge market for retailers wanting to sell online. DirecPay's integrated suite of multiple payment options gives merchants in India an easy & convenient option to grow their online business. DirecPay is one of the first Indian payment solutions providing a credit card payment gateway integrated with Debit Cards, Net Banking & Mobile payments along with a fast, reliable and secure passage for processing eCommerce payments. With some of the lowest fees in the market, DirecPay has some distinct advantages to drive your online business in India.
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