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Can my DirecPay process payments from multiple websites/URLs?
No, DirecPay cannot process payments from multiple websites. You will need to open separate accounts for each website. This is because one payment gateway can be integrated only on one website.
Do I have to create separate Merchant Ids for separate websites?
If you operate several websites, you will have to create separate accounts for each website. Hence, you will be provided separate unique Merchant IDs for each website you register.
How can I access information pertaining to any and all transactions conducted on my website through DirecPay?
DirecPay will send you an e-mail whenever there is an online payment made on your website. Apart from this, you can access complete information regarding every single transaction by logging into your DirecPay account, which is our Merchant Information System (MIS). You can access the MIS using the Merchant ID provided to you.
How and when will I receive payments after each transaction?
DirecPay offers its merchants the facilities of NEFT or electronic money transfer. Through this, the transaction amount, after deduction of MSF and Service Tax, will be transferred to the merchant's desired bank account.
What is the funds settlements cycle which DirecPay offers?
DirecPay gives you a settlement cycle of T+2. This means that within 2 working days, funds will be transferred into your existing bank account.
How can I cancel an order received from a customer? Are there any charges for such cancellations?
Yes. You can cancel an order within 7 days of its receipt from the DirecPay account provided (i.e. the Merchant Information System). In this case, no cancellation charges will be applied.
Can a customer make payments in currencies other than INR?
If the merchant accepts payments in currencies other than INR, he needs to have a currency convertor on his website. When the merchant displays the bill amount in another currency, this amount will be converted to INR and be reflected on the DirecPay payment page. In his bank statement, the customer will see the transaction amount in the currency he has paid.
Can I change my merchant account details?
Yes, you can change your merchant account details. You will have to send a request to us through your Relationship Manager.
Can I transfer my DirecPay account to a different company name or website after signing up?
For any changes in company name or website, you would require to contact your Relationship Manager with the required details which need to be changed.
How do I retrieve my Password?
The procedure for retrieving your password is as follows:
  • Click on "Forgot Password" link on DirecPay homepage.
  • Fill in your DirecPay Merchant Account ID and your Date of Birth
  • Select your secret question and fill in the answer
  • Upon receiving your request, we will e-mail you a new password on your merchant ID

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DirecPay is an integrated online payment gateway solution for Indian merchants. With the availability of solutions such as DirecPay's payment gateway, India has become a huge market for retailers wanting to sell online. DirecPay's integrated suite of multiple payment options gives merchants in India an easy & convenient option to grow their online business. DirecPay is one of the first Indian payment solutions providing a credit card payment gateway integrated with Debit Cards, Net Banking & Mobile payments along with a fast, reliable and secure passage for processing eCommerce payments. With some of the lowest fees in the market, DirecPay has some distinct advantages to drive your online business in India.
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