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About DirecPay IVR
Direcpay IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a method that allows a customer to pay for the services availed from a merchant, using a phone. Either a mobile phone or a landline can be used for transacting through the IVR.
Our IVR service can be used to pay for a host of products and services, be it ordering movie tickets or airline tickets, home delivery of food or even vacation bookings. The customer can also buy physical goods through the DirecPay IVR system.
This system is currently configured in English but will soon enable merchants to offer this service in multiple languages. We offer the IVR system through a call centre interface, where your own executive and the customer can interact with the IVR.
How DirecPay IVR Operates:
DirecPay IVR helps you accept payments through credit cards as well as debit cards. Given below is a brief description of how the IVR system works:
  • Your customer executive places a call to the customer.
  • The executive provides the customer with product information and gets order details from him.
  • The executive creates a purchase order and Order ID and connects to the DirecPay IVR system, during which the customer is put on hold.
  • The executive enters the merchant ID and order details, after which customer is reconnected to the call.
  • The customer enters his card details and OTP (one-time password) required to process the transaction.
  • DirecPay payment gateway then verifies this information and the IVR returns a Success/Failure message.
  • The executive then disconnects the IVR and proceeds to close the call with customer.
Security Features:
  • Credit Card Data Security: Credit Card data is captured over DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency) signals and is passed to the bank for processing, using secure encryption.
  • Additional Security of Transactions: In keeping with RBI guidelines, with effect from 1st February 2011, all cards used on IVR systems need to be secured with an additional layer of authentication. Customers need to get a password from the bank that has issued their card before initiating a payment using that card over IVR. This password will be used as a One-Time Password (OTP) for transactions.
  • Since there is no manual intervention while entering card details, the customer credit card information is absolutely safe.

To know more about the Bank specific OTP generation process, Click Here


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